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Easy Slim Pen Service

As the name applies, using approved medication that will help you slim easy. CM Medics are supporting this option to make it easy, discrete, achievable and accessible to all. It is that simple. Free online consultation. No concerns about underlying causes BMI from 27 Age 18 – 65. What to do next? Complete our online consultation by clicking on online doctor button below. Consultation will be reviewed by out medical team and Prescription will be issued. We will dispatch or offer collection on site for your device. Support and demonstration how to inject is offered at no extra cost. Any concerns you can always convert to option two - Medical Weight Management.

Prices are as follow:

  • pens “ 1 Box” for £450 (sale pride £350) 
  • 1 pen for £ 100 (sale price £80)  
These can be purchased once you have completed Online Doctor Consultation

I agree that by completing the Online Doctor consultation form below, I will purchase the Easy Slim Pen Device

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