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Beaute Pacifique Submersive Serum Paradoxe is based on high concentrations of both Squalane and the Chilean extract GSPE – the extract with “near” medical properties, as in Crème Paradoxe, but re-formulated into a super potent serum that submerges deeply into the skin providing a strong anti-age effect and remarkable anti-reddening effect on Rosacea-looking skin. The surface of the skin immediately appears smoothed and perfectly prepared for make-up. The make-up is applied either directly – or pre-mixed with Serum Paradoxe or traditionally after applying a Beauté Pacifique day cream, securing your daily moisturising routine.

Tip: Mix your make-up with one or two drops of Serum Paradoxe on the back of your hand – it gives a special glow and a completely smooth and even application.

Fast Benefits

  • The perfect base for a perfect make-up
  • Improves visually large pores, uneven pigmentation, and blushing skin tone.
  • Adds a visible glow to your make-up


Long-term Benefits

  • The Serum’s sophisticated Chilean grape seed-extract (GSPE) provides amazing anti-age results and minimises problems with excessive redness (e.g. skin with a Rosacea-look)
  • Provides cellular defense against aggressive free radicals
  • Contains skin-compatible Squalane to enable the SERUM to “submerge” deeply into the skin and “re-fill” Squalane that is lost previously in sun-damaged and aged skin
  • Contains two types of Vitamin E


Beaute Pacifique

Since the beginning of 1997, the Danish skincare range, Beauté Pacifique, has grown into an internationally recognised brand that beauty experts and super models swear by.Both founders had considerable experience in developing advanced medical electronic equipment for skin diagnostics, knowledge that they then applied to the formulation of their products to care for and improve the condition of the skin. They wanted their formulas to go deep into the skin, instead of merely staying on the surface, so that they could actually transform the biological function of the skin. By using a patented delivery system that delivers active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin where significant change can take place, Beauté Pacifique products can repair and rebuild the collagen fibre structure in the entire depth of the skin, which has been backed up by clinical studies and observations, as well as specialist ultrasound scanning. With everything from cleansers and serums to creams and exfoliators, this range has topical solutions for some of the most problematic skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. After a few years, Beauté Pacifique grew to become the largest cosmeceutical range in Denmark, before expanding into other countries and, finally, the UK. Their simple, clean and clinical blue and white packaging has made Beauté Pacifique a hit with skin care professionals and experts all over the world. Ideal for those serious about their complexion and tackling their skin concerns with specific formulations, add Beauté Pacifique to your bathroom shelf today.
Beaute Pacifique


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